February 2020

Is Your Body a Toxic Waste Dump?

If you breathe air, eat food or basically just exist on planet earth, you are taking in toxins. Pretty much constantly. Even if you eat organic food, would never even think of spraying chemicals in your house, and religiously use canvas totes rather than plastic bags. Research shows that a frightening amount of health problems […]

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Why Isn’t My PEMF Device Helping Me Yet?

As I talk to people who purchase magnetic field systems I frequently get asked “when will I likely see a result?” The other question is “why is the device not helping?” Both of these questions are actually related. The answers require an understanding of how pulsed magnetic fields work when applied for specific health circumstances, […]

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Difference Between PEMF & Magnetic Bed

Compare static magnets and PEMF The static magnets therapy consists of placing a set of magnets in the proximity of the affected area. Because the magnets are static – motionless and non-charging – you can send only one field of energy at a time. Essentially, they only provide one chance of making a difference.On the […]

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