Is Your Body a Toxic Waste Dump?

If you breathe air, eat food or basically just exist on planet earth, you are taking in toxins. Pretty much constantly. Even if you eat organic food, would never even think of spraying chemicals in your house, and religiously use canvas totes rather than plastic bags.

Research shows that a frightening amount of health problems are related to, or caused by, stored toxins. In fact, a recent study at Columbia University School of Public Health estimates that 95% of cancer is caused by diet and exposure to toxins, and 90% of chronic diseases are caused by the environment.

Translation: Chemicals you may have ingested or breathed or were inadvertently exposed to even decades ago are still being hoarded in your organs, fat cells and brain tissue. Even if you frequently fast. Or drink gallons of detox tea.

Or sweat in the sauna after a good workout at your gym. Sadly, even if you think you’re as clean inside as you are out, chances are, you are the host to unwelcome toxic guests who are wreaking havoc to your health.

So, the question is: How does one get rid of these guests who have seriously worn out their welcome? Is it possible to scrub one’s cells?

Like deep cleaning a carpet as opposed to just vacuuming the surface, ridding the body of what’s stuck in its cells takes some elbow grease. Or, cellular level cleansing, as the case may be.

Thankfully, now-a-days there are various high-tech strategies to go about doing that. Here are some suggestions to not only deeply cleanse but regenerate wellness:

  • Oxygenation treatments – Cells need oxygen, not only to survive, but to thrive. One of the most potent ways to deliver more oxygen is by using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). This technology is certainly not new. In fact, early versions of the chamber have been around for over 300 years. Pure oxygen treatments in a hyperbaric chamber helps remove toxins, open up blood vessels and deliver nutrition to cells. It can actually help create new pathways where there are blockages.

Another holistic device is the pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy, using the power of magnets to tune up cells, reduce pain and inflammation and slow aging by oxygenating blood and detoxifying it simultaneously.

  • Detoxification treatments – Since we’ve already established it’s impossible to be a human in 2015 without toxins invading your cells, here’s another the truth: There’s no over-the-counter remedy or nutritional supplement that’s strong enough to evict those freeloaders. However, such things as colonic hydrotherapy, medical peat baths, and other interesting treatments work like microscopic roto-rooter machines on cells. Or like landlords with eviction notices.
  • Circulatory treatments – Imagine the freeway at rush hour. Not much movement, right? Same thing with your blood when circulation is jammed. But this kind of traffic jam means nutrition and oxygen isn’t able to get to where it needs to get, such as the heart, brain, organs and your largest organ: Skin. What makes it stagnant is all those toxins clogging up the lanes. Besides huffing and puffing aerobics, here are some less strenuous ways to improve circulation:
  • Hyperthermia infrared treatments – Sitting in these ultra strong saunas allows you to sweat out toxins and heavy metals 35% more powerfully than standard saunas. Sideline benefits are they improve circulation and raise metabolism as well.
  • Whole Body Circulatory Vibration – Standing on this device is especially helpful for those unable to exercise due to medical conditions because it enhances flexibility, strengthens core, raises metabolism and elevates human growth hormone (anti-aging).
  • High Potential Therapy – Half an hour on this remarkable machine is like three hours of aerobic exercise, and it activates cells, purifies and alkalizes blood, and helps with heart disease and diabetes.
  • Light Therapy – These LED devices stimulate circulation by delivering light to the skin, stimulating cellular metabolism and circulation.
  • Lymphatic limb compression sleeves – This focused compression on extremities increases blood flow activity with each pump.
  • Strengthening the immune system (AKA preventative medicine) – A critical component in how the body naturally fights diseases, infections, and heals itself is the strength of its ability to fight off these toxic invaders. Besides healthy nutrition, vitamin and herbal supplements and self care, there are other ways to accomplish this, such as infrared hyperthermia, and pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy (mentioned above, this device also balances the immune system) as well as doctor prescribed infusions of chelation therapy.

One of the best things to do to build your immune system is find positive ways to deal with day-to-day stress. Research finds that stress can stretch the total time it takes for a wound to heal by as much as 40%, so, less stress (or better ways to cope with it) and better immune systems.

Combine these four basics with time-tested eastern healing (herbs, juicing, nutrition, massage, wraps, yoga, mindfulness meditation, acupressure, Ayurvedic healing, etc.), and your cells will be as clean as a whistle and ready to generate wellness.

Needless to say, the benefits of cellular cleansing is a obvious: Better health, revitalized energy, longer life and maybe even a more joyous existence. Just to name just a few.

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