QRS and Osteoporosis Dr Heather

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With more than 20 million people with osteoporosis alone in the United States, it makes it imperative that folks should know about this safe, natural, effective cure. For we have no other medical cure for osteoporosis. Sure we can put people on a lifetime of estrogens or estrogen mimics like Evista, or on Fosamax and other biphosphonates that can cause a myriad of side effects and don’t restore the missing minerals to bone. All of these drugs merely, once again, turn off a normal pathway, this time of breaking down and then rebuilding new bone. They make it so that you don’t normally break down and remodel bones, but you merely keep the same old bone.

With this physiology in mind where normal bone turnover is halted, I wonder if these drugs will increase the storage of cancer causing cadmium and other heavy metals that notoriously deposit in bone. Studies (TW 2002) already point toward increased cancers with these drugs. And with millions of Americans taking NSAIDs daily, osteoporosis and the need for hip and knee replacements will continue to flourish even more. For these medications, by stopping the body from making new joint cartilage (they inhibit glycosaminoglycan synthesis), cause a steady deterioration of joints, eventually requiring joint replacement (Shield).

Anyway in spite of all of this knowledge I was still skeptical until I got tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) again. Having had it numerous times, I knew it was a sign of poor tennis technique, and that I needed more lessons. I also knew I would be in for agonizing pain for the next six months no matter what I did, since stopping tennis is never an option. You can imagine my surprise when within 24 hours the pain was completely gone.

I have tested this on five other separate occasions, and every time the QRS has come through within hours or two days maximum. This is unheard of in medicine. At least I thought it was until I came across papers 20 years old showing that far-thinking physicians have been doing this all along for not only elbows, but ankles, knees, and shoulders (Lee, Binder, Pilla, Devereaux, Pennington). Next I read a personal report from a Harvard medical school faculty physician in her 40s with resistant osteoporosis. She improved her continually deteriorating bone scan 6% in less than a year with using the QRS. She was ecstatic, since nothing else had worked before this.

The Quantron Resonance System (QRS) is the result of German technology. There are currently five ways to treat the body with this pulsed electromagnetic devise, with more on the way.

(1) A full-body mattress is available for general whole body regeneration as well as for promoting a restful sleep

(2) There is also an applicator pad for small areas like the elbow, shoulder, back, feet or the heart, for example.

(3). There is a pen-like applicator (which I used right on the olecranon bursa for tennis elbow, and have used it successfully on teeth roots when they have been traumatized).

(4) QRS Goggles for a broad range of ophthalmological issues

(5) Ear Applicator for Ontological issues primarily tinnitus

Each one of these works with the control box that has ten different settings. If you want to go for the maximum health, I would certainly recommend adding the QRS to your anti-aging plan. In addition, the whole family can benefit, plus you have it to use forever.

An instruction booklet accompanies the QRS, giving guidelines for which of the ten settings is appropriate for various conditions. As an example, for pinpoint pain such as tennis elbow or a painful tooth after biting on something hard, use the pen applicator on the point at setting #10. Do three 8 minute sessions three times a day. If you are worse in any respect, you’ll need to back off to a lower and tolerable setting. I suggest you also buy the inexpensive EMF meter, the Cell Sensor, so you know whether you have hooked it up properly. You can also measure electrical activity around your house.

For a sprained back, shoulder, knee or ankle, the pad is more convenient. For osteoporosis of the hips, use the entire mattress. The dose tolerated by many would be one or two 8 minute sessions in the morning, one or two 8 minute sessions in the afternoon, and one or two 8 minute sessions in the evening. How much time you spend depends on how fast you want to correct your condition, and how damaged you are. Many report reversing osteoporosis with only eight minutes twice a day for 4-8 months. Meanwhile, some need to do only 1-2 settings on #1 before bed to stimulate the brain waves of relaxation. This is also useful in the middle of the night if you awaken with insomnia.

As with any modalities, there is huge individual variation. Although I have never seen them, I bet there are people who could only tolerate two minutes at #1. Therefore just as with a sauna, there are folks who will have to use very short times initially and build up.

The beauty of the QRS, as with the sauna, is that there is no time lost, for you can read, listen or watch instructive material. I absolutely adore getting healthier and not having to waste any time doing it.

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